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Posted by The Elitaste on 19 Sep 2009

This might have aired during the superbowl. Unclear if this aired more than a couple of times on television, hence the NOT FOR AIR chyron on the tape. What an amazing piece of branding. Not sure a company could ever get away with something as blatant as this, unless done tongue-in-cheek, in 2009 without being heralded as corny. From my memory of Miami Vice and the way something like this would impact in 1985 though? Wow. Pre-internet, something like this was very powerful. Pepsi has a history of epic commercials, including extended spots with Michael Jackson (from 1984-1990), and Michael J. Fox. For a period of time in the 70s and 80s, Pepsi outsold Coke in the US. This was due in large part to their Pepsi Challenge which, because of the sweeter Pepsi formula, more often than not found blind taste testers choosing Pepsi over Coke, as well as their high profile endorsement deals. To put things in perspective, Pepsi had Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ray Charles, Spice Girls and Coke had Paula Abdul, Weird Al Yankovic, George Michael and Elton John. This is another incredible commercial. A two minute long Pepsi branded Miami Vice episode slash music video starring Don Johnson and Glenn Frey (of The Eagles) who composed the Miami Vice theme song “You Belong To The City”

which Jay Z sampled for Teddy Riley and Neptunes-produced “The City Is Mine” f. Blackstreet off In My Lifetime Vol. 1

not to be confused with the opening credits theme composed by famed producer/composer Jan Hammer

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