0 Comments Street Sweeper Social Club and Raphael Saadiq At SF Outside Lands Festival

Posted by ddoff on 30 Aug 2009

Album review for SSSC — led by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and The Coup’s Boots Riley — were not favorable, but this show would have you thinking otherwise. Dudes put on one hell of a show yesterday in Golden Gate Park, although I’d advise against wearing your own band’s t-shirt — what is this, Can’t Hardly Wait?

Bad ’90s jokes aside, Outside Lands put on another great fest. I wasn’t able to catch Saadiq (his set was same time as SSSC’s), but looks like Raph kept it 100 for his hometown crowd. Q-Tip killed it on Friday as well.

Plan to be at the fest today (Atmosphere, M.I.A., The Dead Weather, Tenacious D)? Holler @ your boy.

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