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Posted by The Elitaste on 07 Apr 2009

The time has come. I have some size 14 Yeezy’s. I was in Mexico on vacation for the past week so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to secure a pair. I had a few leads and thankfully the good folks at Nike came through. I got back to LA last night and went straight to see Asher Roth’s show at Key Club (wasn’t bad) wishing I could rock them but couldn’t. Earlier today I went and checked out my homey DJ Skee’s new office/studio which is going to be sick once he finishes moving in. I then headed to Nike’s Room72 in Marina Del Rey to pick up a hard to find pair of size 14 Air Yeezy’s. I opened the box in the car and had a crazy flashback type thing; all the moments of me opening my most favorite basketball sneakers in my life went through my head like something in a movie and I felt like a kid again opening that box (David Robinson pumps, Jordan V’s, Foamposites, Penny 1, Penny 2). I had an epiphany that while I’ve been excited about a lot of sneakers in recent years, most are either retros or a different take on a pre-existing show. Sure, some of the Jordan hybrids have been tight (Spizikes), but for the most part, no new NIke shoe (not retro, hybrid, etc) has gotten me excited in quite some time. I’m trying to remember the last one; maybe the Air Max 97 or the Foamposite. Although the Yeezy has hybrid qualities, it is essentially a totally new shoe and it’s fucking amazing. Although Nike has never been anything less than the best, the Yeezy could mark a new era of total domination on Nike’s part and if this second colorway, spotted at the blog of Nike’s own Mark Arcenal, is any indication then I don’t need a watch to know that the time is now

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April 7, 2009 12:48 pm ballininboston @ Website Reply

If you have any other “leads” on how to get your hands on a pair of 14s holla at me. every1 keeps telling me eBay but I don’t usually roll on eBay especially with a sneaker that has had fakes on the market for over a year now

April 7, 2009 12:58 pm Slickjosh135 @ Website Reply

dam i waited a day line to not even get these! New Yorkers went hard for these, too bad im in college! But yo can you hook a brother up with a sz13???

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